Getting along with parents as adults

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July 8, 2019
getting along with parents as adults

None of us were toxic then but because of the behaviors we had learned from our parents, we became toxic adults who chose to become parents. Dont misunderstand me, adult children can be toxic (i was, once upon a time, living proof) but as i want people to understand, it is (99 of the time.).

In any case, feeling a distance from ones parents is undoubtedly difficult, but there are some strategies that you can use to cope. It is hard to do, but the best way to deal with parents who cant be your friends is to accept this fact for what it is.

Ive been surprised by the number of conversations ive had recently with adults who are facing difficult situations with brothers or sisters. Some siblings have unhealthy, codependent relationships with their parents or other family members.

В  this topic is about getting along with your parents or those adults who live with and look after you. These may be foster parents, grandparents, other family members or life partners of your birth mum or dad. When you were very little, you and your parents communicated in lots of different ways.

Many adults dont get along with their siblingsand sometimes its not even clear where the bad blood began. Rivalries and hostilities among adult siblings can often be traced back deep into childhood, obscuring their origins. Its likely that your parents could be a significant contributing factor.

It might be easy to be physically in the same place as your mom or dad. But how much time do you spend just enjoying each others company? Instead of playing a computer game or watching tv, maybe ask your mom and dad to play with you.

Another survey asked teenagers and young adults what they wanted most from their parents. Spending time with your parents, and learning to communicate with them, can actually transform your relationship.