Gp role in safeguarding vulnerable adults

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July 8, 2019
gp role in safeguarding vulnerable adults

В  safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in gp practices. The cqc expects practices to have robust systems in place for safeguarding children and adults at risk. This includes ensuring all staff have received the appropriate level of training for their role and that they all understand the system for reporting concerns.

Preventing safeguarding concerns arising, through provision of high quality care providing effective responses where harm or abuse occurs, supporting the patients choices through the safeguarding adults process.

It is acknowledged that significant numbers of vulnerable adults are abused and it is important that the practice has a safeguarding adults policy, a set of procedures to follow and puts in place preventative measures to try and reduce these numbers.

In addition, a core policing role is identifying and managing perpetrators who choose to target adults who are vulnerable.

В  re what is the role of gps in safeguarding children? The debate between spence(1) and masters(2) about whether or not the modern general practitioner is or is not a key player in safeguarding children from abuse and neglect risks polarising this discussion and wasting the opportunity to make better use of the systems we have.

Tower hamlets gp care group (the organisation) is committed to the protection and safeguarding of all who use their services including vulnerable adults, children and young people. The organisation ensures that the outcomes for service users are improved by having robust safeguarding arrangements in place, multi-agency working and.

And they must not assume someone else will report a safeguarding concern. It is important that vulnerable adults are kept as safe as possible and are involved in safeguarding decisions. In line with this, the reporting of abuse needs to be done in a timely manner in accordance with local policies, procedures and legislation.

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Doctors have a key role in safeguarding adults at risk from harm.